--> A Bad Place To Reside

  1. I haven’t posted in the longest time, I just got back from NYC, I just bought a brand new car. Oh and I sleep 4 hours a night because of new  job. kk


  2. oh right, happy easter… 

    love Lola


  3. So the other night i skipped school and had the privilege of seeing Jarle Bernhoft at the Drake. Needless to say it was the most incredible show I’ve ever been to. He finished his set off with “A Bad Place To Reside” and as you may notice this has been my url now for about two years. He’s amazing and if you’ve never listened to this guy you should probably go do so now. 


  4. I finally get to see Jarle bernhoft on Tuesday at The Drake. I am a very happy boy. 


  5. Her name is Lola. 




  7. Farewell Underoath - Toronto 01.18.13




  9. London Underground - Piccadilly Circus 


  10. London Tower Bridge